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About Glúten Free Alimentos

Glúten Free Alimentos specializes in manufacturing rice flour, premium flours and pre-mixes.

Since the beginning, Glúten Free focus has been to provide the best rice flour in the market.

Produced from selected raw material, our manufacturing process has electronic grain selection and deactivation of lipase in 24 hours, providing longer shelf life and assuring high quality.

Besides having a modern and automated producing process, we have adopted best practices for quality management, and are proud of working in a 100% gluten-free environment.

Our Quality Assurance System labs for dealing with technical specifications, and also accommodates a team of experts focused in providing duly support to our customer's developments.


Provide high quality gluten-free products that represent healthier meals. Develop custom products in order to meet the needs of our customers, always following quality management best practices in a 100% gluten-free environment.


To be the leading standard in gluten-free food manufacturing in Brazil.


  • Provide our customers with the reliability and efficiency when meeting their demands.
  • Respect our collaborators.
  • Quality excellence.
  • Extremely professional industrial process, always in compliance with the highest food security standards.
  • Credibility.
  • Maintain business relationships focused in good ethical behavior.
  • Responsibility and the right commitment to generate value for our stakeholders.


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We proudly provide the following competitive advantages:

  • Plant developed and built specifically to produce the best rice flour, with electronic grain selection and lipase deactivation;
  • Quality Assurance System, which is continuously audited and improved, from the careful selection of our providers to the implemented best practices in our production, as well as sound management and monitoring of the quality of our products.
  • Custom products: we develop products with technical specifications that meet our customers’ demands;
  • Supply in rotomolded plastic pallets;
  • Reliable and fast product delivering and customer service;
  • Most adequate after-sales customer support;
  • Technical support available to customers that want to improve their products or industrial processes using Glúten Free products.


Food Quality and Safety Policy:

Ensure the satisfaction of our customers and consumers, with safe and healthy gluten-free food products resulting from professional training, technological innovations, partnership with suppliers, compliance with regulatory, statutory and customer requirements, and a commitment to continuous improvement..

Objectives of the Food Quality and Safety Policy:

  • Ensuring that control measures are being effective;
  • Continuously improve the Food Safety Management System;
  • Develop new products and consolidate the innovation process;
  • Invest in employee training to improve the work environment and achieve results;
  • Meet the food safety requirements defined in the SGSA;
  • Minimize consumer and customer complaints related to Food Safety;
  • Meeting the requirements of Customers and regulatory bodies.

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